General Information

Job Description AGRICULTURE SUPV 1 Working Title Greenhouse Supervisor 1
Job Code 008879 Grade 21
Department Name Agricultural Operations - D01044 Department Head Peggy Mauk
Supervisor Peggy Mauk Effective Date 08/29/2022
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE
009561 NURSERY TCHN SR 3.0
009617 SRA 2 NEX 1.0

Generic Scope
Provides immediate supervision to a unit or group of operational or technical employees. A portion of time may be spent performing individual tasks related to the unit; however, supervisory activities must constitute a primary part of the job. Supervises unit operations to ensure compliance with departmental or organizational policies, procedures, and defined internal controls. Ensures accountability and stewardship of department resources (operational, financial, and human) in compliance with departmental standards and procedures.

Custom Scope
Closely oversees day to day agriculture field operations and infrastructure maintenance, including but not limited to construction and maintenance of all structures, irrigation systems, pesticide applications, and roads. Supervises ongoing operations, plans, budgets and makes recommendations regarding future inventory and staffing needs. Trains and supervises staff to maintain an orderly, safe, and efficient operation. Responsible for performance management. Supervises land, labor, facilities and other resources for current and proposed research projects. Participates in safety training and ongoing reviews.

Department Custom Scope
Responsible for issues relative to greenhouse personnel, security, budget, maintenance, and space usage. The supervisor serves as safety officer for the greenhouses and is responsible for pest management, and environmental controls, Policy will be set by CNAS and the Greenhouse Oversite Committee and implemented by the greenhouse supervisor under their direction.

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
High school diploma or equivalent certification. Preferred
Batchelors degree in Plant Sciences, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Vitaculture, Pomology, nematology, or related area, or equivalent experiences/training. Preferred

Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
4 - 7 years of related experience. Required
Previous supervisory/managerial experience. Preferred
Experience and knowledge with aspects in greenhouse operations, growth chambers, and related head house and lab equipment Required
Experience and knowledge of integrated pest control methods including biological, mechanical, and organic methods. Preferred
Experience with office computers, ability to use spreadsheets, and Microsoft Office suite. Required

License Requirements
License Requirement
CA Drivers License Required
QAC or be able to obtain within 6 months Required

Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement
Fork lift certification Required

Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Handles more complex issues raised by subordinates.
  • Coordinate and oversee greenhouse staff who manage the environment of the greenhouse facilities. Coordinate the work of greenhouse technicians who provide and maintain an inventory of basic materials for us by clients, order basic materials, equipment and maintain related records.Manage electronic environmental control systems and program zones set points, log data; where feasible, automate irrigation; configure computer systems for environmental set points; coordinate and oversee installations (lighting, shade, humidity, etc.) for greenhouses; oversee activities in PR1, including headhouse/lab space, work room, receiving area, growth chamber sections.
Directly supervises administrative staff, and provides significant input to staff performance and development, team building and communications, resolution of issues and conflicts, review and approval of work, and hiring and training employees.
Pest Control, safety, security programs: Oversees the safety for facilities, provide safety training for greenhouse staff, inspect areas, distribute safety information, & coordinate activities with Environmental Health & Safety. Working with applicator, oversee pest control program. Integrate knowledge of pesticide efficacy on target organism(s), pesticide rotation schedules, cultural practices, compatible biological control organisms, and phytotoxicity information to control pests on a wide variety of constantly changing plant species to meet the needs of clients and their research. Oversee, maintain, design security system for greenhouses & related facilities. Manage Space in CNAS Greenhouse facilities: oversee, implement and track space assignments to optimize greenhouse utilization; Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulation/policies. Provide consultation to potential clients in design and and implementation of research projects.
Participates in developing and monitoring operational and budget processes, staff FTE, finance, human resources and space planning.
  • Plan, manage, reviews greenhouse budget. Oversee purchases within prescribed limitations set by the Director. Maintain record of actual expenses and anticipated expenses. Budgetary controls, advise Director and CNAS on potential adjustments of the recharge rates as needed. Makes recommendations for expanding/upgrading facilities. Implement plans when approved by the operations committee & Director. Responsible for documenting and coordinating improvements, maintenance of buildings/facilities assigned to greenhouse facility. Ascertains repair needs, submits work orders as appropriate & completes or delegates completion to staff, Facility Services or outside vendor. Acts as liaison between the campus planners and facilitites on upgrading, remodeling of greenhouses, & new construction once plans are approved by the operations committee and Director.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Ability to effectively manage multiple priorities, delegate work assignments, and evaluate results. Required
Communication skills; both verbally and in writing. Required
Interpersonal skills to effectively supervise, train, evaluate, and motivate others. Skills to evaluate issues and identify resolution. Required
Ability to qualify for a respirator. Required
Ability to move up to 40 pounds with assistance. Required
Ability to work in extreme weather conditions. Required
Ability to efficiently organize work, determine priorities, and supervise in a positive bias-free manner. Required
Working knowledge of all applicable UC, Collective Bargaining, and government policy and safety regulations. Preferred
Skills to operate farming and specialized construction equipment. Working knowledge of chemical applications appropriate for irrigated pastures, right-of-ways, and rangelands. Preferred

Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement

Other Special Requirements & Conditions

Level of Supervision Received


Working Environment
Plant growth facilities located on campus and on the west campus.

Other Requirements

Items Used
  • Standard Office Equipment
  • Hand Tools
  • Computer
  • Forklift

Physical Requirements
  • Bend : Frequently
  • Sit : Occasionally
  • Squat : Occasionally
  • Stand : Frequently
  • Crawl : Occasionally
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Climb : Occasionally

Mental Requirements
  • Read/Comprehend : Frequently
  • Write : Occasionally
  • Perform Calculations : Occasionally
  • Communicate Orally : Frequently
  • Reason & Analyze : Frequently

Environmental Requirements
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : Yes
  • Is around moving machinery : Yes
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : Yes
  • Drives motorized equipment : Yes
  • Works in confined quarters : No
  • Dust : No
  • Fumes : No

Critical Position

Is Critical Position: Yes

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