General Information

Job Description CHILD DEV CTR TEACHER 1 Working Title Teacher I, Early Childhood Services
Job Code 004107 Grade
Department Name Early Childhood Services - D01115 Department Head Davina Bailey
Supervisor Kimberly Pixley Effective Date 09/01/2022
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE

Department Custom Scope
Under the general supervision of the Center Director, Site Coordinator or Lead Teacher II, the Teacher I provides classroom instruction in a team-teaching environment in the development activities and care of infants, preschool and/or school age children from ages six weeks to twelve years. Collaborates to ensure the smooth function of the classroom in the daily routines, implementation of the early care and education curriculum or school-age program and compliance with mandated adult child ratios, maintaining program quality. Writes and implements lesson and activity plans; participates in the overall evaluation of the program. Works cooperatively with parents and supervisory staff to coordinate early care and education program as part of the Early Childhood Services (ECS) team.

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
AA/BA in Child Development, Human Development, Education or Early Childhood Education. Preferred
3 units in infant/toddler care. Preferred

Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
Minimum 2 years' experience working in a licensed center-based program with children birth-3 years or 3-5 years of age. Required
Experience working in a campus Early Childhood Education/Development Center. Preferred
Training and experience in Creative, Emergent or Reggio Curriculums. Preferred
Training and experience in completing Thelma-Harms Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS/ITERS). Preferred
Training and Experience in completing Desired Results Developmental Profile, CLASS, ASQ or ASQ-SE. Preferred
Experience working with infants/toddlers (children ages 0-2.5 years old). Preferred

License Requirements

Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement
Possession of Child Development Permit at Teacher level, or meet all requirements to complete application for Teacher Permit prior to employment start date. Required
Valid CPR/First Aid Certificate. Required

Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Child Supervision and Support: Provides supervision of all assigned children both indoors and outdoors to maintain program quality in a team teaching environment. Supports children in their problem solving providing them with age appropriate language and techniques, including redirection and/or conflict resolution.
Prepare and Present Curriculum: Prepares and presents learning activities consistent with the Creative Curriculum, carrying out a developmentally appropriate daily schedule. Collaborates and works as part of the classroom team to create planned activities in the outdoor environment, and implements the program for children. Creates monthly lesson plans that specify themes, activities and learning centers where experiences in art, large and small motor physical development, dramatic play, science, language (both receptive and expressive) using Creative Curriculum, including nutrition/health, social- emotional, multi-cultural components, music and cognitive activities are provided based on the needs of each child as determined through the on-going assessment and Developmental Profiles. Provides assistance to children in their daily routines such as diapering, toileting, hand washing, rest time and mealtime.
Enrollment: Conducts intake meetings with new families prior to entering program; collecting information necessary to develop and plan individualized program, and determine family's specialized needs. Schedules parent/teacher conferences twice each year (required) and as needed to keep parents informed of child's progress, using developmental profiles and portfolio assessments to provide documentation of child's progress.
Health and Safety Compliance: Maintains environment in accordance with Title 22 Health and Safety Code, Title V, Ed Code and NAEYC Accreditation Standards, which will include cleaning and disinfecting tables, nap cots, toys, cabinets, shelves, and spot cleaning floors in the classroom and restroom as need arises during the day as part of the classroom team.
Accreditation Participation: Participates in CA Department of Education and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) self-study toward accreditation and meeting program standards by completing all requested observations and surveys, portfolios and participation in Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS/ITERS), ASQ and CLASS classroom assessments.
Staffing and Training: Assists in the orientation of new teaching staff to the classroom, assisting in supervision of ECS assistants, student assistants and volunteers, providing on the job training.
Meetings: Attends and participates in required monthly staff meetings, required weekly team meetings, and other meetings and/or required workshops/trainings that may be scheduled by the Supervisor/Coordinator/Director.
Operational Support: Participates in the opening and/or closing routines including preparation for the current day or the next day and other duties as assigned.
Documentation and Reporting: Documents and reports daily (forms provided) on children's attendance/absences and meals, including counts of children and meals served and eaten in assigned classroom keeping accurate documentation for inclusion in audits and reports.
Document and Track Developmental Progress: Observes and document children's developmental progress with anecdotal records, photographs, and samples of work, for inclusion in portfolio assessments, and completion of the "Desired Results" documentation as required by Title 5 of the Education Code. Completes DRDP Portfolios and accompanying parent-teacher conferences for 4-12 children annually.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Ability to train support staff through role modeling and verbal explanations. Required
Skill and knowledge to lead classroom management and instruction. Skill and knowledge to work as part of the classroom teaching team. Skill in prioritizing the needs of children, parents, and the classroom. Skill in providing positive support to developing young children and their families in all situations. Skill and knowledge to work with diverse populations. Required
Demonstrated skill in communicating and speaking in English effectively with children, staff and parents to read text of children's stories and as needed for food preparation, safety manuals, medication labels, and posted allergy lists. Required
Knowledge, training (valid certification) and ability to perform CPR/First Aid on children who have been injured and may be unable to stand up and/or walk. Ability to escort children to designated safe/secure area during required monthly fire drills and/or emergency evacuations. Required
Knowledge of and skill in applying conflict resolution techniques with both adults and children. Required
Ability to continue educational coursework toward renewal of Child Development Permit and meeting the CTC requirements for upgrading to Master Teacher Level Permit within required timeline for renewal. Other: Participate in CA Department of Education and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) self-study toward accreditation and meeting program standards by completing all requested observations and surveys, portfolios and participation in Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS/ITERS), ASQ and CLASS classroom assessments. Required
Knowledge of current philosophies, research and Best Practices in early care and education of children. Knowledge of National Association for the Education of Young Children's (NAEYC) Developmentally Appropriate Practices. Knowledge of appropriate health and safety standards on toileting and food handling. Required
Knowledge of code of confidentiality as required by Title 22 (Health and Safety Code), Title 5 (Education Code) and Code of Ethical Conduct (NAEYC) in order to maintain compliance with above as it pertains to information provided to Center and its staff by families as well as all child assessments, developmental profiles and portfolios as well as interactions with staff. Required
Ability to lift children weighing up to 30 lbs. (frequent lifting, standing, stooping, bending). Required

Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement
Overtime Required
Variable hours. Required
Proof of negative TB test within last 12 months. Required
Valid certification in CPR and First Aid. Required
Transcripts required as proof of required coursework (8 core classes) and a Teachers Permit from the CCTC. Required
Background check to include Child Abuse Index and Criminal Record Clearance. Required

Other Special Requirements & Conditions

Level of Supervision Received
General Supervision


Working Environment

Other Requirements

Items Used
  • Standard office equipment, classroom supplies and materials.

Physical Requirements
  • Bend : Occasionally
  • Sit : Frequently
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Climb : N/A
  • Crawl : Occasionally
  • Squat : Occasionally
  • Stand : Frequently

Mental Requirements
  • Write : Occasionally
  • Communicate Orally : Frequently
  • Reason & Analyze : Occasionally
  • Perform Calculations : Occasionally
  • Read/Comprehend : Frequently

Environmental Requirements
  • Drives motorized equipment : No
  • Dust : No
  • Works in confined quarters : No
  • Fumes : No
  • Is around moving machinery : No
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : No
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : No

Critical Position

Is Critical Position: Yes

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