General Information

Job Description ENGR TCHN SUPV 2 Working Title Referee Regional Manager
Job Code 007122 Grade 22
Department Name CE-CERT - D01007 Department Head Donald Collins
Supervisor Donald Collins Effective Date 05/01/2023
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE
007172 DEV TCHN 3 3.0
004722 BLANK AST 3 1.0

Generic Scope
Provides direct supervision typically to professionals or skilled technical employees. Functions as advisor to unit and administration. Analyzes and resolves problems, interprets policies (e.g., fiscal management, HR, contracts and grants, resource management in defined areas) and demonstrates solid subject matter knowledge. Exercises judgment within defined procedures and policies to determine appropriate action. Supervises staff to assure accountability and stewardship of department resources (operational, financial, and human) in compliance with departmental goals and objectives.

Custom Scope
Supervises engineering technicians and other engineering technical support staff. Receives predetermined work assignments that are subject to a moderate level of control and review. Directs subordinates to complete assignments using established guidelines, procedures, and policies. Works on issues of limited scope. Requires full knowledge of own area of functional responsibility.

Department Custom Scope
The University of California at Riverside (UCR) will provide the California Air Resources Board (CARB) with operations and management of the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (HD I/M) Referee program in compliance with the HD I/M Regulation specified in Title 13, California Code of Regulation, Sections 2195 to 2199.1. The HD I/M Referee program will provide independent evaluations of heavy-duty vehicles and services for vehicles with inspection incompatibilities or compliance issues. **As a condition of employment, you will be required to comply with the University of California SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Policy. All Covered Individuals under the policy must provide proof of Full Vaccination or, if applicable, submit a request for Exception (based on Medical Exemption, Disability, and/or Religious Objection) or Deferral (based on pregnancy) no later than the applicable deadline. For new University of California employees, the applicable deadline is eight weeks after their first date of employment. **

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
Bachelor's degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training. Required

Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
6 - 10 years of related experience. Required
Minimum 5 years of experience in heavy-duty vehicle inspection, diagnostic, and repairs. Required
Previous supervisory/managerial experience. Preferred

License Requirements
License Requirement
California Drivers License. Required

Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement
A certificate in diesel engine/vehicle or automotive repair/maintenance or equivalent Preferred

Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Supervises Engineering Technicians and other engineering technical support staff.
  • Supervises and directs development technicians and students in carry out referee inspections at sites throughout Southern California or virtually.
Administrative work related to carrying out the HD I/M referee inspections in Southern California, which could include, but would not be limited, preparation of brief summary progress reports, document any issues that occurring during the course of the HD I/M referee inspections, reporting and meeting with the sponsoring agency as needed to provide progress updates, and some review of financial records.
Ensures the operations run smoothly with timely response time and quality work on a consistent basis.
  • Ensure that the instrumentation, referee sites and virtual meeting platforms, and procedures for the HD I/M referee inspections are maintained at optimal levels and supervise development technicians and students in carrying out this task. Develop and implement new procedures for referee inspections as needed. Responds to technical questions from vehicle owners, the project principal investigator, and CARB staff.
Administers policies and programs according to Campus guidelines for assigned staff members.
  • Manages overall functions of UCR?s Southern California HD I/M Referee program; supervises and directs development technicians and students in carrying out Referee inspections at sites throughout Southern California or through virtual platforms including, but not limited to, leading/directing the training, development, and performance evaluation of the development technicians (Referee testers) and students; performs some Referee inspection work as needed.
Identifies training needs and ensures necessary training is conducted.
Ensures regulatory compliance relative to safety; provides for staff training in equipment and safety protocols.
Participates in the selection, development, and evaluation of staff.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Ability to communicate effectively. Required
Ability to work in a collaborative manner. Required
Working knowledge of the principles and methods related to the design, development and fabrication of scientific/electronic equipment. Required
Analytical and judgment skills needed to conduct problem identification and resolution. Required
Ability to prioritize work assignments. Required
Ability to organize work effectively. Required
Ability to lead and influence staff; to effectively provide direction and guidance. Required
Working technical skills associated with providing research support. Required
Working knowledge of HR policies. Required
Thorough knowledge/experience with hands-on diesel mechanic skills including heavy-duty onboard diagnostic (OBD) data interpretation and repair. Required
Thorough knowledge of the HD I/M program and possess technical knowledge about vehicle emission control systems and the instrumentation and equipment used in the standard HD I/M Referee tests, including opacity meters, OBD, and vehicle diagnostic software packages. Required
Knowledge of current principles and practices of heavy-duty repair and technology, including Federal and California regulations, laws, and codes. Required
Strong ability to maintain composure and professionalism at all times, including during high-pressure interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Required

Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement
Must possess or obtain a Valid CA Driver License in accordance with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Required
Occasional travel for university related business meetings, conferences and/or professional development. Preferred
Travel Outside of Normal Business Hours Preferred
Shift Work (hours outside standard Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM work hours) Preferred
All hired employees must pass a criminal background check in accordance with California Education Code Sections 87013 and 88024. The employee must meet the department?s training, certification, and licensing requirements. Required

Other Special Requirements & Conditions

Level of Supervision Received


Working Environment
Field testing locations determined by scope of project

Other Requirements

Items Used
  • Standard Office Equipment
  • Vehicle instrumentation
  • hand tools
  • air tools
  • emissions testing equipment
  • Other laboratory equipment and tools
  • University Vehicles

Physical Requirements
  • Bend : Frequently
  • Sit : Frequently
  • Squat : Frequently
  • Stand : Frequently
  • Crawl : Occasionally
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Climb : Occasionally

Mental Requirements
  • Read/Comprehend : Constantly
  • Write : Constantly
  • Perform Calculations : Constantly
  • Communicate Orally : Constantly
  • Reason & Analyze : Constantly

Environmental Requirements
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : Yes
  • Is around moving machinery : Yes
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : Yes
  • Drives motorized equipment : Yes
  • Works in confined quarters : No
  • Dust : Yes
  • Fumes : Yes

Critical Position

Is Critical Position: Yes

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