General Information

Job Description LAB AST 1 Working Title Laboratory Assistant 1
Job Code 009605 Grade
Department Name Entomology - D01048 Department Head Richard Redak
Supervisor Houston Wilson Effective Date 05/22/2023
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE

Department Custom Scope
Research projects in the Wilson Lab focus on the development and evaluation of integrated pest management strategies for deciduous tree and vine crops in California. Studies span multiple crops (e.g. pistachios, almonds, walnuts, figs, grapes etc.) and pests (e.g. leaffooted bug, navel orangeworm, walnut husk fly etc.) and experiments take place in a laboratory and/or field setting. Dr. Wilson works closely with a Staff Research Associate and Postdoctoral Scholars, who help coordinate all experimental activities, maintain communication with academic/industry collaborators, as well as facilitate the acquisition, organization and preparation of all lab and field supplies. Laboratory Assistants work directly with the Staff Research Associate and/or Postdoctoral Scholars, who provides guidance on what work activities need to take place within a daily and weekly schedule.

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma and one year of laboratory experience or two years of college including courses in the natural, physical or social sciences; or an equivalent combination of education and expericence; and knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position. Required

Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
Minimum of 1 year of experience Required

License Requirements
License Requirement
Valid Drivers License Required

Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement

Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Setup and servicing insect traps at field sites. Use of University vehicles may be required.
Identification of basic insect and plant material from field collections
Recording basic observations of laboratory experiments
Various laboratory organizational and inventory tasks
Insect colony maintenance (replacing insect diet/food/water, cleaning cages)
Washing/cleaning laboratory dishware

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Ability to read, write, perform basic mathematical calculations. Required
Knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position Required
Ability to follow oral and written instructions. Required
Skills to safely operate large SUVs, all-terrain vehicles, attach/detach/pull trailers Required

Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement

Other Special Requirements & Conditions

Level of Supervision Received


Working Environment
UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE) in Parlier, CA

Other Requirements

Items Used
  • Autoclave
  • Large SUVs
  • Various size eqiupment trailers
  • Standard laboratory equipment
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Standard Office Equipment

Physical Requirements
  • Climb : N/A
  • Sit : Frequently
  • Squat : Occasionally
  • Bend : Occasionally
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Stand : Frequently
  • Crawl : N/A

Mental Requirements
  • Reason & Analyze : Occasionally
  • Perform Calculations : Frequently
  • Write : Occasionally
  • Communicate Orally : Frequently
  • Read/Comprehend : Frequently

Environmental Requirements
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : Yes
  • Works in confined quarters : No
  • Fumes : No
  • Is around moving machinery : No
  • Drives motorized equipment : Yes
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : No
  • Dust : Yes

Critical Position

Is Critical Position: No

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