General Information

Job Description SRA 3 Working Title Sculpture and Painting Lab Manager
Job Code 009611 Grade
Department Name Art Dept - D01033 Department Head Lynne-Marie Marsh
Supervisor Michael Austin Effective Date 11/01/2023
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE

Department Custom Scope
Sculpture Area: Responsible for managing, supervising, technical instruction, safe operation, budget administration, security, use, and day-to-day functions of the Sculpture Lab, Metal Fabrication/Welding Lab, Mold Making Lab, Resource/Reference Area, along with each labs' specialized equipment and tools, for the Sculpture Area of the Art department. Painting/Drawing Area: Responsible for directing, managing, supervising, technical instruction, budget administration, safe operation, and security of the studios/labs for the Department of Art Painting and Drawing Area. This position works on campus 100% time. The full salary range for the Sculpture and Painting Lab Manager is $64,496.38 - $103,718.76 annually. We base salary offers on a variety of considerations, such as education, licensure and certifications, experience, and other business and organizational needs.

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
Education and/or experience equivalent to an MFA Preferred

Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
Minimum of 5 years of art laboratory/workshop experience and/or an equivalent combination of education and experience (e.g. BA and 1 year of art laboratory/workshop experience.) Required
Experience in working with a variety of electronic tools and materials, including sensors, interactive systems, motors, electronic systems, solar power, and computer-controlled equipment. Knowledge of the principles of analog and digital electronics; capability to communicate these principles to people with varying levels of understanding. Required
Experience running, programing, and maintaining a CNC Router. Preferred

License Requirements

Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement

Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Lab Supervision, Management and Instruction Sculpture & Painting/Drawing Lab Instruct, train, support, advise, supervise all lab users (students, lecturers, faculty, TAs, and student employees) in the safe use and maintenance of tools/machinery, equipment and chemicals for the Sculpture Lab and Painting/Drawing Lab. Demonstrate fabrication, materials and techniques for all users and supervise users' acceptance and implementation of proper procedures and safety considerations. Organize and instruct individual and group workshops and training sessions as requested by faculty and students. Develop standard operating procedures, policies, and guidelines for safety in each laboratory. Conduct orientations for all new incoming students. Responsible for complying with all safety and OSHA requirements, including sign posting, accident prevention, management of hazardous materials. Monitor equipment for routine wear and tear, and maintenance/repair of equipment/tools for the labs. Consult with students and faculty on their research. Perform research for faculty as requested. Instruct and supervise in the most efficient use of materials/methods for fabricating sculpture. Advise about relevant artists, styles, and references. Provide technical instruction and supervision in the latest fabrication systems and mold making materials. Establish safety regulations, develop methods to educate all lab users on the safe use of power and hand tools, electronic equipment, and other fabrication equipment. Consult with staff from EH&S, as needed. Help faculty with presentations, development/modification of course materials, syllabi, schedule open lab hours; supervise inventory and check-out for equipment/tools. Collaborate with faculty on department projects. Take charge of the execution of department projects or major portions of projects. Research and coordinate new technologies into curriculum on an ongoing basis. Supervise Graduate Studio Manager, student employees, volunteers.
Sculpture Laboratory and Painting Studios Operations Management and Maintenance Sculpture Manage ongoing operational capabilities, safety functions, and security of Sculpture labs, work yard and facilities; supervise repair/replacement needs. Analyze and resolve operational problems of moderate scope. Maintain cleanliness, organization and secure-yet-accessible operations in all labs, work yard, exhibition spaces, and other Sculpture Areas. Coordinate major cleanups at the end of each quarter. Monitor equipment for routine wear and tear, making sure blades, fences, guides, belts, discs, bits, etc. are sharp and properly aligned. All equipment and machinery must be maintained and/or kept in good repair. Maintain cleanliness, organization, and security of all computers and digital equipment in all labs, and offices. Conduct annual inventory of lab equipment. In contact with Campus Facilities specific custodial needs related to major or minor clean up. Assign locker spaces, work, and storage areas to undergraduate and graduate students. Keep appropriate records of these assignments. Prepare and project budgetary needs for the Sculpture Lab. Painting and Drawing Establish safety regulations complying with all OSHA-related requirements, and develops methods to educate students, teaching assistants, lecturers, and faculty on hazardous waste collection (such as turpentine, mineral spirits, oils, and paints) and the need for maintaining safe pathways through studio spaces. Establish procedures for checkout/cleanout of the lockers for the Department of Art. Coordinate the implementation of the locker use policy. Maintain track lighting system in the studio/classrooms for the Painting & Drawing Area. Supervise refinishing classroom of walls and critique spaces. Establish and instruct graduate students, lecturers, and faculty on the procedures for using the still life props. Prepare and project budgetary needs for the Painting/Drawing Lab.
Art Lab Planning and Logistics and Project Management Research, design, and lead presentations to facilitate the execution of department projects, including planning and designing logistics of new areas, in addition to equipment and supplies needed. Coordinate with EH&S, the fire inspector, and CHASS Facilities regarding layout of new areas. Liaise with EH&S, the fire inspector, and CHASS Facilities, and non-UC contractors regarding layout of new areas, submitting capital request estimates, work orders, and construction projects. Consult with faculty on general project plan, conduct research for project, and plan, assign and direct the work of direct reports to contribute to projects and advising on problems that direct reports are unable to solve. Must exercise judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness in making decisions, consulting on occasion with faculty and supervisor, and prepare complete written reports on project phases. Assess and recommend changes to maintain compliance with federal and state requirements and internal policies. Advising with classroom space assignment. Assist Department Chair with grant proposals. Research and coordinate new technologies into the curriculum on an on-going basis. Consult with students and faculty with their research. Perform research for faculty as requested. Undertake projects and collaborate with faculty, other staff, and direct reports on department projects.
Sculpture Laboratory and Painting/Drawing Studios Student Employee Supervision Hire, schedule, and supervise Sculpture Lab and Painting and Drawing Lab student employees and volunteers; train students in duties, stressing lab and studio equipment safety rules; monitor job performance of student employees and volunteers; oversee reporting of time. Design and develop educational opportunities for student employees and volunteers. Write job descriptions, duty schedule, job requirements.
Other Duties Sculpture and Painting and Drawing Supervise the procurement, organization, cataloguing, and shelving of books, catalogues, and magazines for the Resource/Reference Area. Knowledge of supply sources, make priority, cost, and convenience evaluations in selection of items to be purchased and vendors from whom to purchase. Select supplies and products that are less toxic, in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for faculty and students. Prepare and project budgetary needs, and track expenses for the Sculpture and Painting and Drawing areas. Reports any discrepancies. Research and make proposals on equipment and physical space for areas. Track Course Material Fee expenses against budget for Sculpture and Painting and Drawing equipment and other related supplies with a budget of over $20,000; report any discrepancies in a timely manner. Oversees sales of sculpture materials to students. Work with faculty to determine specific needs for each class and overall area functions. Place orders for all materials, supplies, and equipment, working within allocated budgetary resources. Attend seminars and classes to keep informed in these areas and be aware of the availability of new and/or safer equipment, methods, and supplies. Research and help develop the use of new technologies into the curriculum on an ongoing basis; recognize and learn how to use technology updates. Coordinates the quarterly room assignments for the Painting & Drawing area class assignments with the Enrollment Management Support Staff.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Accomplished at working in a stressful environment, with its fluctuating workload, frequent interruptions, and competing demands from students, faculty, teaching assistants, and staff, maintaining a positive, patient, and respectful attitude all the while. Required
Able to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with all demographic groups, from custodial staff to administrators. Required
Able to function in a working-shop environment, with its related noise, potential dangers, and occasional dust, fumes and smoke. Required
Excellent oral communication capability to instruct others about safety procedures and proper equipment and facility use. Required
Detailed knowledge of equipment, materials and processes needed to produce a variety of Painting, Drawing, and Art Installation projects. Required
Expertise with basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical systems to make major installations, minor repairs, or identify situations that require Facility Services intervention. Required
Ability to assert authority for maintaining safety standards as well as a clean working environment. Required
Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to purchase and change sculpture equipment when it is worn down or destroyed. Required
Ability to train and supervise student and lab personnel to insure the safe and proper use of equipment, machinery, tools, materials and processes used in the Sculpture facilities, including the supervision of student-performed clean-up and maintenance. Required
Accomplished negotiating skills for exchanging ideas, information, directions, and opinions with students, faculty and staff. Ability to formulate policies and procedures, along with decisions and solutions. Required
Demonstrated skill working with : wood, plastic, metal, wire, and ceramics. Required
Skills to lead a group or an individual to understand how machinery, tools, equipment and building materials work. Required
Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to purchase and change blades, belts, discs and bits for cutting, sawing and drilling equipment used in a working shop. Required
Ability to recognize when blades are dull and bits need to be replaced. Required
Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks according to changing needs, perform practical research and present clear recommendations, maintain an active professional role in the arts community, maintain currency in the Sculpture and Painting/Drawing concepts and processes through knowledge of work being produced in the international art world, assert authority to maintain safety standards and procedures including a clean and safe working environment, as well as protect against improper and deleterious use of equipment and facilities. Required
Working knowledge of standard forms and procedures to enable preparation of orders, arrange for services, perform inventories as needed, current technological advancements within the field of Sculpture and Painting, Drawing, and Art Installation, various methods of exhibition installation. Required
Ability to train and supervise students and teaching assistants, verifying hours worked and signing time sheets. Required
Ability to supervise and train students, student assistants, volunteers, and teaching assistants, organize work schedules, assign jobs, sign time sheets and verify hours worked. Required
Ability to delegate responsibility. Required
Use of computers for the following: control machinery and equipment; track inventories and monitor budget; develop policies and guidelines; conduct research on tools, methods and techniques for building sculptures. Ability to use establish, update, and maintain area social media. Required
Skill in business management: budget preparation, resource allocation to meet budgetary goals, for Sculpture and Painting and Drawing areas. Preferred
Ability to drive to off campus vendors and to the graduate facilities. Preferred
Working knowledge of first-aid, including CPR. Preferred
Demonstrated progressively responsible experience working in a laboratory and/or art studio. Preferred
Able to understand and interpret university forms, policies and procedures. Preferred

Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement

Other Special Requirements & Conditions

Level of Supervision Received
General Direction


Working Environment

Other Requirements

Items Used
  • CNC router
  • power and hand tools for cutting, sawing and drilling
  • electronic equipment
  • Standard Office Equipment
  • welder
  • fabrication equipment
  • turpentine, mineral spirits, oils, and paints

Physical Requirements
  • Stand : Frequently
  • Bend : Occasionally
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Crawl : N/A
  • Squat : N/A
  • Sit : Constantly
  • Climb : N/A

Mental Requirements
  • Communicate Orally : Frequently
  • Reason & Analyze : Constantly
  • Read/Comprehend : Constantly
  • Perform Calculations : Constantly
  • Write : Constantly

Environmental Requirements
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : No
  • Works in confined quarters : No
  • Drives motorized equipment : No
  • Fumes : Yes
  • Is around moving machinery : Yes
  • Dust : Yes
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : No
  • Other : working-shop environment, with its related noise, potential dangers, and occasional dust, fumes and smoke

Critical Position

Is Critical Position: Yes

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